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was tax rates won't change. >> right. bill: which, pay attention to that. that phrasing there. however, you bo after the loopholes, whether it is, interest rate deduction, whether charity deductions will stay on the table or not. do you see any of that being mixed into this current debate? >> yes it is, very much is in the debate but if you cut deductions, the president calls them loopholes, if you cut deductions those deductions are used primarily by upper income people. they will in the end pay a lot more money in tax. that is form of tax increase. and then you have this tax rate question. if we get the "buffett rule", which the president is pushing for, that would be a change in the top tax rate as well as a closing of loopholes and deductions. bill: we'll see how they negotiate in the coming months or month. thank you, sir. see you at 9:20 on fbn. martha. martha: how much exactly do the top 10% of american households pay in taxes? according to the tax foundation the top 1% pay about 37.38% of the total tax burden renn in this country. more than a third, close to 40%. the top 1% ear
? there were a lot proposals during the campaign. people under 55. under 50. change the retirement age from 65 to 67. all kinds of things. >> put legislative language and movement. bill: in the house they have. they wrote it down. >> has raised the retirement age to 67? bill: they moved on that. the senate hasn't budged. that is the big point. that is what leads to comments like you heard last week about the donkey. you have a sore thumb worrying about the darn thing. see you at 5:00, beckel. mk. see you soon. don't bite that guy next time. >> i will try not. bill: he is soft on the inside as you know. see you later. martha: like a teddy bear. six months later still no answers. now, a democratic lawmaker is calling out the process. why he says it is painfully slow. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. bill: which have new information out of venezuela. it is significant being red on television
much. have a great weekend. news alert. a major security change for the united states. the pentagon looks to protect us from a potential north korean missile strike. how real is this? good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer. welcome to the friday edition of "america's newsroom.". good morning, martha. martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum. fox news has learned that the pentagon plans to beef up our defense system, adding up to 14 more missile interceptors placed in alaska and california. we'll show that you in a second. comes after weeks of north korea blustering once again against the united states and they have also conducted a third nuclear test now. bill: molly henneberg leading our coverage, she is live in washington picking up on this. why do we know the problem was stopped initially, molly? >> reporter: good morning bill, good morning, martha. president obama halted the program in 2009 saying there were more pressing issues from evolving rogue states and money needed to be spent elsewhere. now that is changing. a senior pentagon official hinted at the decision last week
will be affected personally you will see the numbers change. bill: maya do you agree with that, the numbers will change. >> sequester was 2 cents on every dollar the federal government spends. we have to start somewhere. ultimately voters look for economic growth to turn the economy around, not just spending cuts alone. bill: headline from the poll, anger at d.c. is on the rise. we'll see whether or not that changes in time. maya, thank you, alan, thank you. okay? >> yeah. i'll see you, stop by and give you a cup of coffee. bill: slap me upside the head. see you later. here is alisyn. alisyn: another scare in a town as a possible fourth sinkhole opens. why people are concerned that the entire neighborhood could just buckle now. bill: time to start your engines. a first look at more than 60 new cars to hit the market. it is all about power and performance and a little bit of style as you're about to find out. >> that will be fun. ♪ . [ male announcer ] every famous curve has an equally thrilling, lesser-known counterpart. conquer them with the exhilarating is 250. get great values on your
it the best that it is numbing. i bet it is when your backyard changes in an instant. some residents spent the night in shelters. they have been told they can go back to their homes after geologist abouts look over it. later today, a report on what might have caused this there. alisyn: fox news alert. moments ago, search warrants connected to that horrible connecticut school shooting were just released and we're learning a lot of information from these. it shows that the newtown gunman was a quote, shut-in, who rarely left his home and he spent his days, reportedly playing violent videogames. that was always rumored to be the case about the adam lanza, the gunman but now these search warrants are i have abouting us a lot more specific information. these warrants are connected to the gunman's home and car. they have been under seal for the past 90 days. of course we all remember that the gunman killed his mother before then driving to sandy hook elementary school where he murdered 20 children and six educators before turning the gun on himself. fox's rick leventhal is now sorting through al
, it is stage 1, it is not a crisis but you have to change the way you're living right now. the democratic approach is more like, well, you've got a tumor, that doesn't mean you can't smoke another ten packs a week for the rest of your life. bill: you still have time i guess? >> yeah. bill: john boehner was talking about this too. he said a similar thing. the pressing issue of the debt is not in our face at the moment but it will be here very soon. here is boehner's way of addressing that. >> always a good thing to engage in more conversation. engage more members in the conversation, that, that had not been involved up to this point. but, when you get down to, the bottom line, the president believes that we have to have more taxes from the american people. we're not going to get very far. got his tax hikes on january the 1st. the talk about raising revenue is over. time to deal with the spending problem. >> why don't both men come out and say the debt is an issue? you have to handle it right now. that is what they were implying but seems almost as if they were backing away from it. and eit
was it thrown out in the first place, amy? what changed? >> reporter: originally their conviction, amanda's and rafael sollecito, their conviction was overturned because there were so many problems with the evidence. primarily two pieces of evidence and meredith kircher's bra clasp. the dna had been improperly admitted. it was contaminated in many ways this trial was seen as an embarassment to the italian system. that is the way it was portrayed in the press. all of this because the prosecution wants to see it looked at again will be reexamined. amanda knox will not necessarily have be there. the trial may get going in the summer in florence this time. bill? bill: amy kellogg live in london that story. a story sill developing at the moment. knox's lawyer was talking about the retrial earlier today. >> she issued a statement that it was very painful to receive that difficult news. we were certainly hopeful the supreme court would simply affirm the ruling of the appellate court. let's be very clear here. there was never any evidence in this case. whatever evidence was reviewed was considere
, if in fact that is verified, that would be a significant change in this conflict and it would underline both the risks to the civilians of either side using chemical weapons in the syrian conflict, or, that those weapons could fall into hands that take them out of syria for use by terrorists around the world. that should be a top american priority, preventing that from happening. martha: and i believe, correct me if i'm wrong, earlier in this conflict, the administration here basically said that that was something of a red line. you know that they were this discouraging any use of chemical weapons but that that would change this game so to speak? >> yeah, well, red lines come and go for the obama administration. we'll see. i think obviously we need hard facts here as to exactly what's going on. i think it's difficult to effect the use of chemical weapons inside syria directly because you're talking about very close circumstances, regimes, civilians, opposition, hard to get in the middle of that, but it is certainly should underline to us the risks that these weapons could come loose, fall in
to interrupt collection of obamacare taxes. the affordable care act has 40 changes in the tax code. including penalties on people that choose not to buy insurance. it is the irs's job to collect the fines. the agency will begin furlough of its employees during the summertime but it is not facted to -- expected to impact the collection of new health care taxes. six past. martha: we're just about 24 minutes away from the opening bell this morning after a big record setting day for the dow yesterday. closed at an all-time high of 14,254. that took out the record set back in october of 2007. what a weird ride this has been for the market over the past several years especially when you think what is going on in the u.s. economy during that time. it is now up more than 117% from its 12-year low that was set in march of 2009 and for this year-to-date, january, february, march we're in now, it is up 8.77%. that's a very nice roll for the beginning of 2013 so far. where is it headed from here? stuart varney, anchor of "varney & company" on the fox business network. stuart, you think there's a little b
the president's position about chemical use, chemical weapon use in syria being a red line has not changed. >> the president clear when he said if assad and those under his command make the mistake of using chemical weapons or fail to meet the obligation to secure them, there will be consequences and they will be held accountable. >> reporter: we still don't know what the consequences would be because carney wouldn't tell us yesterday but he told us the president will talk about what is happening in syria with the leaders of israel, palestine and jordan before he heads back to washington. bill: one of the main topics on the trip. peter doocy live in washington. mart has that a bit more on that. martha? martha: these are not the first we've had out of syria. the rebels accused the regime using them in september as well. in that incident doctors blame ad nerve age e for five deaths. some 100 people fell ill in that account of nerve agents in syria's arsenal, vx is considered the most deadly. in high concentration it can cause loss of muscle control, nervous system irregularities and death. b
and 14 minutes. he was protesting a change in a bill that would hurt a up state typewriter company. he padded his remarks singing south of the border to fill some of his time. the longest filibuster was over a history-changing bill. peter just referred to this. south carolina's strom thurmond, famously filibustered for 24 hours and 18 minutes speaking out against the civil rights act of 1957. bill: long history in all that. d'amato did this twice by the way for the record. martha: he likes to talk. bill: you heard peter reporting about senator paul. he is getting some rest right now. later he will appear live on the fox news channel. the north will be live with megyn kelly live on "america live" with megyn kelly. 2:00 he will appear live. we will talk with stevens hayes what we expect to be a address by the president on the drone issue. which expect that sometime today. steve hayes coming up in a couple minutes with all that. now martha. martha: we have brand new jobs numbers out this morning. 340,000 americans filed for new unemployment benefits last week. that is a drop of 7,000 from
. it does not attempt to change them. in other words he is not rehashing the whole fiscal cliff debate. he is accepting that, yes, we've got these higher tax rates in place. we all keep them. that's a huge difference from where he was before the election. martha: he includes tax cuts, tax hikes, i should say but doesn't include obamacare. he would like to see that go. >> he wants that out of here. >> stuart, thank you very much. bill: you've been waiting 1400 days and finally we got a budget. so now we know. martha: it is exciting. takes less time to pick a pope. put it that way. at least we think so. bill: in the modern day. martha: exactly. bill: in "america's newsroom" the new polling shows public view since the election. is the honeymoon over? some numbers tell a very interesting story on that topic. martha: this one is not going away, folks. the fight whether or not you can bring those kind of knives, little pocket knives on a plane for the first time since september 11th. now a lawmaker is demanding to have this reversed now. bill: also if you golf, four, look out. what popped up on
. so the rules keep changing. we have new health care laws kicking in. it will be a real tough time. it is already real tough time for small businesses. the fact of the matter we'll be honest about this i own a small business, 90% of my employees take every sick day every day they're allowed off and even when they're not sick. maybe it is just overarching feeling that, you know, it's an entitlement. they take it. but when you're a small is about, especially one that deals with the public, you deliver food, you pack bags that is a big hit to you and your ability to perform your service. >> yeah. you know, charles, you just referred to the nanny state. lots of people here in new york city joke about mayor bloomberg running something like a nanny state pause he, tried to take away the individual right to drink a big gulp and things like that with sugary treats and sodas but it should be said, and you noted this, he is against this move to give these five paid sick days because he says that it could actually crush new york's very sort of fragile economy right now? >> and he is absolutel
the slide rule and how the circles change around various continents. present day, 1.2 billion catholics worldwide. you see how the bigger got much bigger in europe, asia, africa. here in latin america, central and south america, 425 million catholics. 39%, almost 40% of the catholics around the world are considered in central and south america. here is the circle 100 years ago. look where it goes to modern times today. quite remarkable growth for the catholic church there. meantime, martha, i was looking at this research booklet that came out before the conclave began. pages in length. a couple of newspaper articles that came out before the conclave began. i went back over them again last night. francis is not in here. so my guess is, my guess is they thought his time could have happened in 2005 and perhaps his time had passed. and they would not revisit this but indeed they did. martha: john moody, who we spoke with yesterday on radio, brought up this name to us again. he was one of the only people i heard who was saying, there was so much talk about a younger pope, everyone believed t
to make sensible, reasonable changes. >> we need to make sure our folks are able to get their mail delivered and deliver their mail on saturdays. >> we have lost 27% of our total volume of mail. you can't sit back and do nothing. bill: that is true. workers are in luck. thursday congress passed legislation requiringsix-day de. now goes to president obama to sign it into law. which means the post office has to go back to the drawing board in this case. to find another way to save money because this was one of the ways they could have done that. heather: you know what they say about the postman? bill: what's that. heather: through rain, sleet, through snow they always deliver. bill: we have a lot of that today. heather: exactly. a major winter storm rolling through the east. a live look at cleveland. a mess there this morning. where else the storm is hitting right now. bill: a lot of places too. there is growing evidence syria crossed that red line by using chemical weapons. triggering calls for greater u.s. involvement in that country's civil war. >> i look at all the data points ov
to know, they have to change things, a select committee. subpoena and secondly, the american people will never know if there is not a select committee. martha: there are some people in congress who think people like you should just let go of this, let go of this story. they think it is what it is. things got out of control. it is a very tumultuous country, difficult part of the world, these things happen, that's what they would say. >> we lost four american citizens that was a battlefield. that was a battlefield where america basically withdrew from the battle. some people connected to the algerian refinery were connected to the benghazi. some of the people in egypt that took down the american flag were connected with regard to that. and don't forget, for two weeks the administration's position was it was this video that no one had even seen. you know, if i will not stop pushing for this. the only way you're going to be able to do it is off a subpoena power. many people would now like to come in and testify but they need to be subpoenaed. if the congress doesn't do that, the congres
? >> reporter: we have not heard of any updates schedule. that could change throughout the day. we understand they're communicating with reporters via twitter and e-mail press statements. we're standing by. we hope to learn more details as the day goes on. bill: we'll bring you back when that happens. claudia cowan leading coverage on that story that broke on our watch, martha. martha: one of the big questions who had a motive in this crime? investigators are looking into one possibility and that is that his death could be linked to his recent decision not to grant a prison transfer for a saudi national who was serving time for holding a housekeeper as a sex slave. this man who you see pictured here is the member of an influential saudi family and also reportedly had ties to an islamic terror group. that is one. avenues they're looking into. clements recently requested chemicals to execute nathan dunlap. he was convicted of killing four people during a shooting rampage at a chuck e. cheese restaurant in 1993. he was involved in a lot of decisions. these are two they are looking into. bill: me
revenue and entitlements. >> the problem we don't see from the president any structural changes in this unsustainable occurs on the entitlements. >> let me just say this. >> we see request for more and more taxes at a time we raised taxes $620 billion on the american economy. >> we believe obamacare is a program that will not work. which believe obamacare will lead to hospitals and doctors and health care providers turning people away. bill: start varney has been listening to all this and the host of "varney & company" on the fox business network. good morning, stuart. >> booed morning, bill. bill: outline each side and start with what paul ryan will propose. >> paul ryan the republicans, their side of the fence says we want to spend $5 trillion less. we want to balance the budget in ten years. we want to repeople out right, repeal obamacare. that is the ryan republican position. on the other side of the defense the democrats are saying we want a balanced approach to these talks. that means we want more tax revenue and we are prepared to talk about entitlements. the two sides no
and sustainable. you can make sure you don't change it for current seniors and save it for the next generation with these kinds of reforms. bill: that plan is on the way to the white house. republican budget plan for 2014 calls for a balanced budget in 10 years and sharp cuts for safety net programs for the poor and other programs. >> sharp blow to the president's health care law three years after it was passed republican senator orrin hatch and democratic senator amy klobuchar leading the charge repealing a key medical device tax that helps bankroll the law. stuart varney, anchor of "varney & company" on the fox who upwards 40 million people will be paying a whole lot more for their individual coverage after obamacare takes full effect next year. in some cases, the premiums that we will pay will double. remember this is a 17,000 page list of rules for obamacare. it takes full effect next year, january the 1st, and already you can see a great deal of dissent on how to pay for it and what it's actually going to cost and there is real, real concern here, that it won't be implemented properly on
. reverend jesse jackson said now is the time when relations between venezuela and the u.s. could change for the better. >> i think we have a moment here in time where i'm glad president obama, even though two of our people were expelled, sending two congresspeople here to represent america. america should be here. i hope we will build upon that. >> reporter: new presidential elections are expected to be announced sometime within the next 30 days. bill, back to you. bill: thank you, steve. steve harrigan streaming live out of caracas in venezuela. you have the communist trifecta plus one. you have peng in a maus see lump in beijing and hoechy mean in vietnam and vladimir lenin in moscow. you wonder when they bring them inside to have proper burial. that is not the case. martha: i saw lenin several years in college. looked like he needed a redo. i don't know. a questionable tactic. bill: he would probably agree. martha: we're getting started in "america's newsroom." working to lower your income tax. the governor of a midwestern state trying to do just that and quote, seeking tax refugees
in the new generation of hybrids regardless of make is especially vulnerable to changes in driving habits. epa official told "usa today" if you drive a hybrid the way you drive a porsche you will get less mileage than the national average. they get much worse mileage in cold weather. battery life decase in cold weather. anybody lighting up flashlight on a cold day, knows that, bill. bill: check the sticker. doug, we're looking for results of that investigation. what will they find there? martha: veteran journalist bob woodward is now defending himself from a mounting controversy after criticizing the way that he was treated in some e-mail exchanges and on the phone in a half hour session where he was berated by a white house official. he now says that he is really questioning the administration, on their handling of the automatic defense spending cuts which he has derailed in great work in his book and after that as well. he says he was yelled at by a staffer. here is woodward, sort of on the back end of this story, reacting to his own e-mails that responded. here he is last night on "han
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